Why Work With Luail

We are building a contemporary dance ensemble within a collective model of resident dance makers, performers and designers. Alongside international and other Ireland based choreographers, a programme of new productions, revivals and creative opportunities will be on offer.

Luail will drive and support the creation of invigorating, brave, and high quality collaborative work across a range of disciplines, scales, languages and performance spaces. Within a supportive environment where artists can thrive, our productions will reflect the rich tapestry of influences that shape modern-day Ireland and our programmes will bring people together, inspire, and get people excited about dance.

At the heart of Luail our core values are to be fearless, inventive, joyful and attuned.

These values will guide us in our dedication to honing a contemporary Irish moving identity that celebrates our diverse society.

Our new and unique dance ensemble will embody a physicality and performance aesthetic that captivates audiences, transcends borders and pushes boundaries.

With our partners, Maiden Voyage Dance in Belfast and The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick, our Dublin based ensemble will be poised to invigorate our ways of making dance, thinking about dance and experiencing dance across the island of Ireland.

As Ireland’s national dance company, Luail will create an ensemble of up to eight dancers on yearly contracts with a further provision to employ up to four more dancers on a contract basis for specific productions.

In our first year we are delighted to be working with many dance and multidisciplinary artists who are at the top of their game, representing the new, vibrant Ireland that we are living in. We will continue to support dance artists who push the conversation forward from different dance genres and look forward to announcing our various projects, co-productions and opportunities in the coming months.

We are building new island-wide and international opportunities for developing, archiving and touring dance as well as creating pathways for new engagement with the company and with audiences. With our partners, we are building on tried and tested artistic relationships and cross-border collaborations that signify authentic artistic exchange, the curation of shared programs, and a steadfast commitment to advancing the practice and performance of dance across the island.


Auditioning for dancers

We are holding auditions for dancers for full time company dancer contracts mid-November 2024 through 2025.
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Programme Administrator

Luail is seeking to recruit an experienced Programme Administrator to join our team.
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Activating Archive Residency

The residency, which will take place in November (US) and December (Ireland), is also in association with Our Steps in New York, The Jerome Ro…
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